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Marathon Update

I am sorry to announce the decision to cancel the 2020 Monsoon Tango Marathon. 


We were hopeful that the current COVID-19 situation would resolve itself before the beginning of August so we could start dancing once again, but it was not to be.  The fact that Green Valley is a retirement community whose population is most at risk for this disease, combined with the abundance of caution shown by Green Valley Recreation (the owners of the venue) who will not permit more than 50 people to gather in the facility, has made it impossible for us to go forward.


I will be working with Green Valley Recreation to reschedule the marathon.  Some dancers have expressed interest in holding a marathon here in Southern Arizona in January 2021.  I will look into whether that will be possible, and also look at dates for next summer.  Just so you know, January through April is the busy season here, and getting a facility for our exclusive use for 3 or more days is sometimes problematic, but it is worth a try.  


If you prepaid your registration, you can expect a full refund of your money by June 12, 2020.


Thanks to everyone for your support. Hope to see you on the dance floor next year!

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