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Marathon Update

Even though the Monsoon Tango Marathon is still 5 months off, we have been closely monitoring the reports concerning COVID-19 and its progress throughout the world.  At the moment it is still unknown if this disease can be checked through the actions taken by governments and their citizens,  if the natural progression will be halted in the summer like the cold or the flu, or if this will continue to be a problem for some time to come.


We are optimistic and confident that the marathon will happen this August as planned, but are living by the old saying “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”.  With that in mind:


  • We are still taking registrations.  As with nearly all tango events, we hope leaders register early in order to ensure our wonderful followers can dance every tanda.

  • If you pay early (and please do), and if for any reason the event does get cancelled, we guarantee a full refund of your registration fees.

  • All of our DJ’s are still committed to the marathon, so you can expect high quality tango you love to dance to.


We will continue to watch the situation and will let you know of any change in plans.  Looking forward to seeing you in Green Valley this summer so everyone can expend the pent-up tango energy caused by this virus!

Passes Now on Sale 

Join us for the first Monsoon Tango Marathon in Green Valley, AZ.  Not only will we be providing all the things Green Valley is known for (friendly atmosphere, fantastic facilities, and large wood dance-floor) but there is an excellent chance that Mother Nature will put on a spectacular firework show during the marathon.  If you have never seen one of these monsoon lightning storms moving over the Santa Rita Mountains, this will be your front row seat to hopefully watch and photograph one.

The Monsoon Tango Marathon will be role balanced and includes 24 hours of dancing over 3 days, the best in classic tango music provided by some of your favorite tango DJ’s, with food and refreshments available at every milonga.  

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